Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Magnolia Bakery

We made another trip to New York this weekend, and since I’m a cupcake monster, we tried another NY cupcake bakery, Magnolia Bakery! Famous for their numerous appearances on Sex and the City, this bakery usually has quite a line of eager customers for their incredible confections.

I, however, am pretty impatient, and was not at all prepared to wait in line for 45 minutes for a cupcake, but we happened in on a non-busy time on Sunday, where we got three varieties of cupcakes: white with vanilla buttercream, yellow with chocolate buttercream, and lemon with lemon buttercream. Magnolia has a neat little “serve yourself” system where they direct customers to the cupcakes placed in the front window with baker’s boxes, then to the counter to pay for the treats.

And let me say, believe the hype. We bit into these babies on the way home, and were overwhelmed with the perfection! Perfect, light texture to the cake, and wonderful, sweet buttercream icing with amazing flavor. By far, these were some of the best cupcakes that I’ve tasted, and so simple and pretty!

Note the customer easily grabbing the exact cupcake that she wants!
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