Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I've had this craving for awhile now for frozen yogurt. Even though it's been mostly chilly here lately, with a few odd warm days, I'm starting to crave the frozen treats of warm weather. Now, I'm not much of an ice cream fan, to be honest. At least, not the type that gets scooped or comes in a little tub. Too rich, and usually leaves me in pain from a slight lactose intolerance.
I do, however, love all other manner of frozen desserts, which led to my desire for awesome frozen yogurt. The problem? There are no places to purchase said treat anywhere near me. The stuff that's sold in grocery stores is possibly some of the worst stuff to be consumed by humankind--tough, dry, and tasteless. The silky, fluffy stuff bought from the stand is a different manner--sweet yet tart, soft, yet with good texture.
So what do I do? What my mother always told me to do when I wanted something that I couldn't buy--make it yourself! Except I didn't have a machine. So what happens on Friday night? My lovely friend The Artist comes by for dinner, and lo and behold, a late wedding gift--an ice cream machine!!!
So last night, I bought some nice Greek yogurt and strawberries, and tonight--froyo baby!
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C. Louis Wolfe said...

Mmmmmmmmm-YUM! I've got froyo places around here, but never eat the stuff, although the pic looks kinda yummy- even though it's P-I-N-K! ;^)

That's pretty cool that "The Artist" just happened to bring you that gift. Quite fortuitous, w/a bit of good karma thrown in.

Eat up & enjoy!

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