Friday, January 1, 2010

10 years....

I don't get too concerned about New Year, at least I try not to. I want this year to be the year that I (finally) hit some of my goals and get some things done. I've been mucking about for far too long. I want to finally finish that screenplay and novel, get the finished works published. I hope that this is the year for that

But I want to look at where I've been as well as where I'm going. 10 years ago, it was a new millennium. I was preparing to move to Baltimore, and on to greater things. I lived in North Carolina, and worked at a bar. I could not fathom ever having the opportunities and experiences that I found when I moved to a real city (I know that this is corny, but really, I was culturally starved).

I switched jobs, a lot. I worked as an editor, a writer, and everything in between. I was responsible, and trusted.

I traveled a lot. I traveled abroad. By myself. I went from barely seeing a handful of states and no real cities to traveling to many countries and cities. My first trip was to Paris and Germany, in 2001, followed by Canada, England, then Czech Republic, and finally Japan this summer. I visited many sites in the US as well, like New York and LA.

I learned to cook, pretty well I think. I went from a jarred sauce spaghetti kind of cook to making and assembling culinary delights of all types. I love to cook. I make excellent soups and bread. With cooking, my palette increased greatly, with the understanding of how food flavors intensify and complement one another when they are combined.

I learned to host parties. I've had parties that included me cooking and preparing for as many as 25 people, with themes like Dia de los Muertos to Chips and Dips of the World to Chili and wine cookoffs.

I became, then resigned from, vegetarianism. It was, besides cooking, the most broadening for my palette. With meat no longer an option, I had to learn to like many other foods.

I had lots of dates. I made lots of interesting and wonderful friends. I watched them go through good and bad, just as they watched me.

I had massages, acupuncture, and went on anti-anxiety meds. I acknowledged and became much more proactive on health issues.

I was disappointed and appalled many times over.

I became an aunt. I became a sister-in-law. I became a wife.

I was very sick. I was in the hospital.

I moved no less than 7 times, which is less than the previous decade.

I moved cross country.

I was in a few shows. I danced, wrote, acted, and produced.

I bought lots of vegetables.

I ate a lot of sushi.
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cate said...

That's a hell of a lot of life changes in a decade! Bravo!

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