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I'm going to try something new here. This blog has contained reviews of all sorts -- books, music, movies, restaurants. I like to review things, if not for anyone else's benefit, then for my own. I kind of think of it as the denouement to an experience. For example, I feel like I really haven't seen a movie until I've had a bit of discussion about it with a friend. Often we will point out items of interest that the other didn't catch, or just bring different points of view to the table.

I recently spent a weekend in Las Vegas. I'd never been before, and I was curious to see what the big deal was all about. I booked the room, bought an EyeWitness guide, and was off!

I have to say, there's not really a lot to do unless you like to overeat and gamble. The lights were pretty and flashy, but really, how entertaining is that after a few minutes?

There are lots of shows, which can be fun, but none were terribly cerebral. And those tiger shows just make me cry.

I'm probably not going back anytime soon.
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