Saturday, March 27, 2010

Advice for Writing

My blog has taken a melancholy tone of late, and I intend to remedy that with more cheerful posts soon. I'm attempting several writing projects at the moment, trying new things with writing and new styles. It makes me nervous, but very excited, oddly. 

I was steered towards this post by a friend, as she thought it was good advice for almost any field, but especially writing. It relates to failures and successes, and feeling that just because we are not published, acting in movies, etc., we are not actors, writers, singers, whatever. However, the jist of the statement is that you are a writer because when you don't write, you feel that something is missing. This is why we should continue to write. 

I realize that this is hokey probably and pretentious, but I thought it might be a nice read and wanted to bookmark it in some way. 
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