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I'm going to begin this blog the right way, and start with dessert. Chocolat is a local chain here in SD, where the special is -- you guessed it -- chocolate and all that goes with it!  Chocolat specializes in every kind of fancy dessert, as well as their own line of chocolates.

There are two stars at Chocolat -- the gelato and the crepes. Keeping with the name, we ordered a milk chocolate gelato, a spicy chilli chocolate gelato, a cookies and cream gelato, and a berry and chocolate crepe.

The gelatos were fantastic. Perfectly silky and supple, but with a firmness and texture. Quite frankly, this gelato is the best I've had. Ever. The spicy chilli chocolate gelato was incredible. Much more spicy than I expected, it was sweet, rich, with an incredible tang of cayenne pepper that is a late arrival to the palate.

The crepe was a bit disappointing. The berries inside were obviously frozen -- obvious because they were still cold! The crepe itself was warm, with a generous drizzle of Hershey's chocolate sauce, and it was large. However, the crepe itself was nothing incredible, and the freezing berries were an unwelcome presence in a warm dessert.

 Chocolat also offers pizzas, sandwiches, and salads for dinner. I can't report on their dinner menu, but I can say that each time I have visited (even on weeknights) the dining room has been full of dinner guests. There is also a well-stocked bar, and the service was very prompt and friendly, but not overbearing.

I will definitely go back and order that spicy chocolate gelato.
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