Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brockton Villa

The place to impress with a sumptuous meal and breathtaking view is La Jolla, specifically Brockton Villa. Brockton Villa serves up a brunch menu that included sandwiches, egg dishes, and sweet breakfast treats, all with an incredible view of La Jolla Cove seen from their deck dining.

On our visit, we were in the mood for breakfast, so we ordered two of their signature dishes: the coast toast and the steamed cheese omelet. Initially, we wanted one of their specials, but when a substitution was refused due to the omelets being pre-mixed, I was a little wary and frankly, turned off.

I was ready to be disappointed when the server brought our food after 20 minutes, but was surprised pleasantly by the quality and taste of our meal. I was skeptical about the steaming method of cooking the eggs for the omelet, but the taste was extraordinary, and the eggs light and utterly fluffy, with copious amounts of three types of gooey cheese.

The Coast Toast is Brockton Villa's take on French toast. Made with French bread and using a hint of orange flavoring, it is the dish to have while you sip coffee and admire the view. The toast is incredibly light and fluffy, perfectly sweet (it is a dessert option as well) without being cloying. The toast requires no syrup, but it is an option (my husband wanted syrup). The contrast of the sweet toast with a side of the meaty, salty bacon was bliss.

Although my first impression of Brockton Villa was that it was too good to be true, the food lives up to the visuals, and a quintessential part of any San Diego visit. 
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