Sunday, April 25, 2010

Curry House

I fell in love with Japanese curry (kare) while I was in Tokyo last summer. A spicy, thick sauce covers a combination of meat and vegetables, with the rice served on the other half of the plate.  I have attempted creating my own at home, with somewhat pleasing results, but my homemade kare lacks some unknown ingredient present in the Tokyo versions.

Imagine my excitement when I found out that a Curry House restaurant is right here in San Diego, in Clairemont! We went there on a Sunday afternoon, ready for some spicy goodness.

The setting is very casual but very clean -- hosting a few basic black tables and booths where families and couples enjoy plates of kare featuring hamburger, beefsteak, chicken, or seafood. I ordered the chicken curry extra spicy, and my dining companion ordered the chicken curry with ginger and spinach rice. The smell of the sauce was enticing, but I was concerned -- what if it was mediocre? So close to my house, yet so far from great curry!

The verdict: heaven. Sweet, pungent, and clear-your-nostrils spicy curry sauce over lean chicken, scooped up with soft, medium-grain rice. The sauce for the chicken curry is incredibly rice and satisfying, and can be adjusted for spicyness based upon individual preference. I just happen to adore spicy curry.

The chicken ginger curry was a pleasant surprise. Just as spicy as the chicken curry, the ginger added a delightful layer of flavor, offsetting the peppery seasoning of the curry sauce beautifully. The accompanying rice hosts steamed spinach, which adds a little green to this meat and carb fest.

Curry House also offers a nice selection of pastas and salads, but as their name suggests, the curry is the specialty. The prices are reasonable, and it is the best kare that I have found stateside.
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