Friday, April 23, 2010

Kiki Sushi

There are a lot of sushi places in San Diego. A lot. Having lots of choices for sushi is a very good thing, because I love sushi. I have eaten some of the best sushi in the world in Tokyo, Japan, and even after two weeks straight, I never tired of sushi. 

Anyway, getting back to sushi in San Diego. Hillcrest is littered with small, inexpensive sushi bars that compete with one another for business. Therefore, the sushi is usually quite cheap. Kiki Sushi is one of these cheap sushi bars that happens to offer surprising quality for the price. 

We ordered a California roll (on special that day for a buck), spicy tuna, miso soup, and their chicken curry. The sushi was good -- not the best that I've ever had, but for the price, it is an excellent choice for a quick, affordable sushi fix. The fish was fresh and well-prepared, and the spicy tuna roll was very nicely seasoned.

The miso soup was pretty standard, served hot with sizable chunks of tofu and kelp. The chicken curry, however, was incredibly disappointing. Japanese curry is a dish that should be very flavorful with a bit of spice (or can be prepared very spicy, if desired). This curry, however, was little more than a flavorless gravy dumped over greasy chicken and rice. 

All in all, Kiki Sushi is a decent place to grab a satisfying sushi lunch, and with their prices, it makes returning very inviting. 
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