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Nestled into a small corner of University Avenue in Hillcrest, Kitima is easy to miss. Their sign is small and unassuming, and the competition for visual notice is very heavy on this cross street, with big lights and signs from other eateries on all other corners. In fact, we only noticed it because we were walking by, and in a gesture of promotion, a hostess stood outside and beckoned passersby to stop in for their dinner specials.

The specials were so enticing in price and description, that we decided to go the next night with friends. Ten bucks buys an entree, tiny salad, and spring roll, with Thai classics as the main course. Four to five bucks buys a cocktail from a sizable list of fruity boozy concoctions.

We ordered drinks and dinner, choosing their Pineapple Fried Rice and Chicken Satay,  both of which we requested to be spicy. However, the chicken satay was barely spicy at all; the only flavor was a sweet peanut butter and brown sugar taste with hardly any of the salty and spicy tang essential to the sauce. The pineapple fried rice was incredible and wonderfully spicy and flavorful, with bits of fresh pineapple and sizable pieces of chicken mixed throughout. The spring rolls that came with the meals were standard, not greasy, but not incredibly flavorful apart from the fried taste.

The drinks alone made a return visit worthwhile. We ordered the Silk Pearl (a vodka, peach pulp, and grenadine) and a mojito, both of which were generous and a steal at the prices.

With all of the inexpensive Thai in Hillcrest, finding their niche will be a difficult feat, but I will certainly return for more.
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