Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kabuki Sushi

As I have mentioned on this blog before, I had the great fortune of spending my honeymoon in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan, last summer. Sushi was something that was an everyday part of life, and it was often an inexpensive option for a simple lunch or dinner, provided we visited that most ubiquitous of Japanese eateries, the rotary/conveyor belt sushi bar!

Conveyor belt sushi is the cheapest option for lunch in Tokyo, save for the inexpensive noodle shops. The fish is incredibly fresh, and at $6 for two pieces of fatty tuna, it's hard to say no. 

Since we returned to the States, we have longed to have that experience again of rotary sushi. We have thoroughly enjoyed the West Coast sushi offerings, but could not find rotary sushi in San Diego. On a recommendation, we visited Kabuki, thinking that we would just get some good sushi. Imagine our delight to see the conveyor belt going, and patrons happily eating up $3 plates of various fresh fish. 

Besides the novelty of the set up, Kabuki's sushi is quite good. The fish was fresh and tasty, and the service was perfect. If the fish selection that you desire is not currently on the conveyor belt, simply ask the chef to prepare it. The chefs were nice enough to make sure that we had everything that we wanted.

Highly recommended.
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