Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cafe Chloe

Restaurant Week is truly one of the best ideas ever. For one week, participating restaurants offer a prix fixe menu for around $30 for 3 courses. In San Diego, the menus are tiered based on the expense of the restaurant: some are $20, some $30, and the most exclusive restaurants offer menus for $40.

Cafe Chloe offered a $30 menu consisting of fresh French favorites (how's that for alliteration?). Having heard so much about Cafe Chloe, we decided that now was the perfect time to check them out.

I'm so glad that we did. The food was incredible. The service was hospitable and attentive. The setting is chic and cozy.

To make a Golden Girls reference: Picture it, we drive around downtown, seeking a parking place, and finally finding one a few blocks away from our destination. We had no reservations, as CC does not accept them....except during restaurant week. However, they were very organized, and within 15 minutes, we were sitting at a quaint outside table looking at menus.

The offerings for Restaurant Week all sounded amazing, and as much as we wanted to try everything, we ultimately got the same appetizer (a goat cheese salad), steak frites and vinegar chicken for our entrees, and creme brulee for dessert! As a bonus to Restaurant Week, Cafe Chloe also offered a gourmet mac and cheese with pancetta as an additional appetizer, and a wine tasting that included wine pairings with the meal. Deciding to go all out, we ordered these additions.

So now you're asking, how was the food? And I have to say, it was marvelous! The courses came out slowly, allowing time to truly enjoy and absorb each one before the next arrived. The chicken was perfectly seasoned dark meat with a savory vinegar sauce that was divine. The steak was tender with some chew -- medium rare and splendidly prepared. Tasty fries accompanied it, with asparagus to match the chicken. The wine pairings made the dinner impeccable.

Dessert, oh dessert. Petite dishes of warm vanilla bean custard sprinkled with sugar and flambed to an exquisite crust, reminiscent of the famous creme brulee scene from Amelie. Matched with a sweet dessert wine, it was a decadent and lovely end to a spectacular meal.
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