Tuesday, December 21, 2010

God Yul!

Last day of the year at work for me. Like many other posts at the end of the year, I kind of like to do a year in review, and also create some resolutions for myself.

First, the review! In the year of the Tiger, I...

  1. Traveled to Las Vegas for the first time.
  2. Was involuntarily unemployed for the first time in my life.
  3. Traveled to San Francisco for the first time.
  4. Traveled to California wine countries.
  5. Found a job, and learned about pressure control and more engineering than I ever desired.
  6. Lived in California, and experienced late spring all year.
  7. Traveled to Paris for the second time in my life.
  8. Wrote a novel.
  9. Failed to publish my current books.
  10. Auditioned for, and was rejected for, many things.
  11. Spent a lot of time at the San Diego Zoo, and learned more about Singing Dogs than I ever knew.
  12. Sampled and consumed a lot of good wine, thanks to California's abundant wine resources.
  13. Began two new food-based websites. I hope to do more with them in 2011.
  14. Cooked more complicated items, like Beouf Bourginon, than I've ever cooked.
Not too shabby. I've probably forgotten some things.

Now, for the goals.
  1. Post in one of my blogs each day.
  2. Write and complete a new novel.
  3. Give up all artistic endeavors if they do not work out this year. Seriously, it's time to stop mucking around and grow up.
  4. Strive to stop taking everything personally.
  5. Be present more. Listen to what's going on, and focus. People are talking for a reason.
There are a few other, more personal goals that I've set aside that I'm not comfortable sharing, but there you have it.

What are your accomplishments and goals for 2010/2011?
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LaraAnn said...

Congratulations - you accomplished alot of good things. I'm sure that you will acheive your goals. Happy holidays.

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