Thursday, January 20, 2011

Au Revoir Bistro

Hillcrest has its very own French restaurant!

Sorry, I can barely contain my joy. :)

Au Revoir, owned by the same family that operates the Arrivederci restaurants, is hidden in a small corner of Hillcrest, just down the street from Arrivederci. The restaurant is very small, and the sign is very nondescript, so it could be tough to find for non-Hillcrest residents. But! The restaurant does have a small parking lot, which is particularly rare and nice in this part of town.

As I’ve stated before, I’m on a French food kick. I’ve been trying every restaurant with French cuisine, and I’ve managed to visit almost all of them (suggestions for any that I’ve missed, anyone?). We arrived with no reservation, but we eat EARLY, so it was no problem. If you eat at normal dinner hours, I’d suggest a reservation, just because the place is small.

We were seated by the French staff (nice touch, hiring French staff), and provided with waters and an explanation of the specials, which are written on a large chalkboard in the dining room. The specials are written in French, with no translation provided, save for the explanation by the staff. The specials contain my landmarks of a good restaurant: they contain seasonal ingredients and are creative without being fussy.

After some perusal, we decided to forego any appetizers and ordered the leg of lamb with our beloved potatoes au gratin, and the chicken fricassee with root vegetables. Our meals took awhile, but the wait was made pleasant by homemade bread and French wine.

The wait was worth it – tender, perfectly seasoned lamb chops served with creamy diced potatoes in decadent cheesy sauce and vinegary chicken swathed in a velvet sauce with flavorsome carrots and potatoes. Each dish was fantastic, showcasing careful preparation and skill of the cook. The only disappointment was that the potatoes au gratin were made with diced, rather than thinly sliced potatoes, which would have encased more of the delicious sauce.

The service is exemplary at Au Revoir. The staff was quite attentive without being overbearing, and manage to maintain a friendly demeanor at even stressful busy times. If the service and food continues in its current stride, Au Revoir will be a regular outing for me.
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