Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gingerbread Pear Cake -- Should've Known Better

Even though I am a huge advocate of baking from scratch, I have absolutely nothing against mixes, particularly when a mix merely incorporates the dry ingredients of a recipe, with the eggs and oil to be added later. Many times, I've done a Cake Doctor with a mix, with decent results. Of course, I think that homemade from scratch is the best way to go, but mixes can certainly be a lifesaver, and are a great way to ease into baking. Experienced baker that I am, however, I managed to completely destroy a box of Trader Joe's Gingerbread Cake mix.

Before you think that it was the mix, let me say that I adore Trader Joe's. Their products are usually very good, and this mix impressed me with the list of natural ingredients. However, I had to mess with it. I saw a recipe for gingerbread pear upside down cake, and had to make it. Remembering that I had bought this mix on a whim, I decided to simply use the mix.

Big mistake!

I mixed up the batter per the directions, then chopped up an Anjou pear. I laid the pears in the bottom of a 9" cake pan, then baked at 350 FOREVER.

However, bake and bake as I did, the mix refused to set up. The edges were nice and crusty, and the rest was slimy batter!

I think that the addition of the pear was what turned this mix on its ear. I tasted a small bite, and the taste was nice and spicy, so I'm certain that the goof was mine. Next time, I'll just make the cake from scratch! :)  Sometimes, even a mix fails!

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