Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Hour at Bertrand's at Mr. A's

A San Diego institution, Bertrand's might be better known for its majestic view rather than its food. Located at the top of one of the most beloved downtown buildings, the deck offers an enchanting view of the San Diego skyline, encasing crystal blue skies against an azure ocean. And I get it. Really, where better to while away the stress of the work week than to retreat to the spectacular rooftop and sip a cocktail or two?

After hearing about what a fabulous happy hour Bertrand's had, that's just what we did. Even though I was expecting to get a nice view, I was not prepared for the splendor that greeted us as we walked onto the patio. The jets flew over our heads to land at Lindbergh Field, creating the perfect San Diego sunset. Heaven.

But I haven't discussed the food! Bertrand's offers a nice selection of appetizer specials, and for ours, we decided on the turkey sliders with sweet potato fries and fried calamari (I know, fried and fried! But sometimes, you have to live a little dangerously!). All are priced at $7, which is reasonable given the surroundings and quality. Drinks are $5-$6, with a choice of wines, beers, and well drinks.

The calamari were nicely seasoned and lightly breaded, served with an aioli sauce for dipping. I would have preferred marinara (which they will provide upon request -- doh!). I am a lover of calamari, and this calamari was very good, with the perfect amount of salt and pepper seasoning in the batter.

The turkey sliders were amazing. Served with cranberry chutney, they were like lean little bites of Thanksgiving in your mouth! The sweet potato fries on the side were a perfect compliment -- not greasy at all, and just a bit sweet.

After all of that fried food, we decided to encompass the full gauntlet and order dessert! A quaint little warmed brownie sundae was the perfect ending: simple, yet expertly prepared with rich chocolate squares and fresh ice cream.

I'm thinking of going again this Friday!
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