Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

You probably knew that I was going to post something for New Years. Heh.

I'm actually not terribly fond of New Years. I re-evaluate, add up all of the things that I didn't do again this year...worry about the fast passage of time. And when I don't accomplish things, I feel that I'm sadly just placeholding and marking time. But I have resolved to change all of that. And that is that. I've decided, most importantly, that this is the year that I stop worrying so much (I seriously can't just stop!), and enjoy the time that I have here, marking time or whatever it is.

What have I been up to?

I spent Christmas and the week thereafter in Baltimore. It was such a breath of fresh air that I desperately needed. Seeing old friends, feeling the chill in the air, and just remembering were absolutely necessary. Lots of dinners and talking with friends that I miss so dearly, and a revelation on Christmas night from an old, old friend. I had some realizations that I can't share at the moment, but I will say that big things are on the horizon. Sorry to be mysterious, but I'm still processing everything.

Oh, and I'm a dotcom now! My website,, is now in progress. Any generous web designers out there that would be willing to help? ;)

I said farewell to 2010 with wine and Julia Child's beef bourguignon, and for the first time since I was a child, I was asleep before midnight. I guess that I am getting old. :) I started the new year right this morning by taking a long walk with some neighbors, conquering one of the toughest hills in San Diego. Not exactly hardcore hiking, but challenging enough to make me feel okay about the previous night's food and libations.

Saw this movie this afternoon. Not as strong as some of Aronofsky's other works, such as The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream, but very good in it's own right. Loved the costumes and overall feeling, and it was interesting just seeing the obsessive nature of the ballet world. Recommended, but be warned --- some very graphic adult scenes!

Here's to good fortunes and smiles for 2011!
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Cate said...

You and me both on the worry front, sister! We'll learn not to worry together, eh?

Can't wait to see the new website!

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