Wednesday, March 30, 2011

6 Things About Me

I feel like writing, which seems rare these days, so I figured that I'd hit up an old internet meme. For some reason, I felt like sharing.

6 Random Things About Me

1. I have had a crush on Vincent Price since I was little. I have no idea why, but he has always fascinated me.

2. I love, love t-shirts, particularly ironic or cartoon shirts, like those from I must have enough of those to go a month wearing them without a repeat. Maybe a new feature on the blog? T-shirt Tuesdays, where I take a pic of the cute shirt that I'm wearing?

3. I went on my first diet at 3 months old, and I've basically been dieting since I can remember. When people chastise me or bully me about being skinny or fat, it drives me bonkers.

4. I love the Little House series and Anne of Green Gables books. I pick up at least one of these books a year and read it. So comforting. After Lent, I plan on making the little heart cakes featured in Little House on the Prairie.

5. As much as I try, I cannot bring myself to eat onions in any form. I understand that they are a big part of many foods, but I pick them out. I'm such an American.

6. Despite making my living from writing, I have a tremendously hard time with it. I truly envy those who can just sit down and blog about anything. I agonize too much over every word.
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sophie pine said...

That's fantastic you make a living writing! I'm going to ask what you do, but if I'm being too nosy, feel free to not answer. I've yet to hear anyone say writing is easy (and I majored in creative writing, and worked for several novelists, so I'm like an expert! ha... but really), so pat yourself on the back for getting the job done! :)
I think that yes, you should do T-shirt Tuesday's, or something akin. I love fun t-shirts!

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful for your blog post.Much thanks again. Cool.

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