Friday, March 18, 2011

Cafe 222

I've said it before: San Diego is a town of breakfast. I think that this phenomenon is due to two reasons: 1. The beach -- I'm not sure why, but the beach always equals lots of breakfast joints, and thankfully, SD is full of good ones! 2. The early wake up time for the West Coast. There are trails to bike, waves to surf, and we're already 3 hours behind the East Coast! So yeah, breakfast is important 'round here.

That being said, I can't believe that I've lived here so long, and visited many times before I moved, and have never been to Cafe 222 until recently! Such a cute little spot downtown, it seems more like a beachfront cottage breakfast joint rather than tucked into a corner of downtown. Given it's out of the way location in the Gaslamp Quarter, it has to be good!

We were seated rather quickly on a Saturday morning, and steaming mugs of hot coffee were set before us, our menus splayed onto one of their quaint little 2-person tables. We decided to have the 2 + 2 + 2 to share -- a full breakfast of eggs, sweet griddle treat, and breakfast meat. For our selections, we chose one of their amazing pumpkin waffles (ya'll might know by now how much I love pumpkin!), 2 scrambled eggs, and sausage patties. The amount of food was tremendous, and was a very hearty portion for one person, and a perfect amount for two.

The pumpkin waffle was pure amazing. The menu describes it as having won an award, and I can believe it. Perfect spices, a sturdy, yet soft, crust, each bite was a delight. No need for syrup on this baby! So nice and sweet!

The eggs were nicely prepared, standard scrambled eggs, but really, what more do you want from a scrambled egg? The sausage was quite fresh tasting, and I'm guessing that they homemake their sausage patties, as they didn't have that greasy "processed" taste that store-bought sausage has.

I'd say that for a casual place and a sure bet for flavor, Cafe 222 lives up to the hype!
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