Monday, March 7, 2011

Landing Grill

For awhile, I’ve been searching for the best fish taco in San Diego. Not an easy feat, considering that SD is the rumored birthplace of the fish taco, but a very enjoyable endeavor!  I’ve tried several at some very good establishments, and don’t get me wrong – they were all delicious. However, this weekend, I found the winner, and it’s a place that many have never heard of, let alone visited.

Landing Grill.

Landing Grill is a tiny, hole-in-the-wall café set up along the boat docks of Mission Bay on Quivira Road, very close to Sportsmen’s Seafood. A basic diner set up, complete with stools and a counter, there are only 4 tables inside, and a few on the deck overlooking the bay. Sitting outside would be a serene experience indeed, munching on a fish taco, watching the boats come in at sunset…However, it was cold (for San Diego) the day that we went, and so we opted for the counter service.

We selected three tacos to try: lobster, fried cod, and grilled mahi. Since we were starving, we added an order of fries. Our food came in good time, with each component being parsed out separately, almost as though each item was a separate course. Since it gave us a chance to truly taste each item, the piecemeal service was not problematic at all. The fries were first, mostly pretty standard, but a tasty paprika-laced salt made them special and different from most diner fries. The texture was also spot on, no overcooked or limp fries.

Next came the lobster and mahi tacos. Oh. My. Word! The lobster was plentiful, with a perfect ratio of sauce to meat. Surrounded by the freshest cabbage and tomatoes ever seen on a fish taco, the crunch was perfect. In fact, I wish I were eating this taco again right now.

The mahi taco was excellent. The fish was a good cut, with just the perfect amount of seasoning, and served with that crispy cabbage and tomatoes, the flavor was light and perfect.

After we had finished the mahi and lobster tacos, out came the fried cod. When I ordered, this taco was the one I truly wanted. Classic, with a very delicious salty breading, this fish managed to be decadent and not at all greasy.

Oh, and did I mention that each of these little babies were 3.50? Not the cheapest, but certainly not expensive, and with the fries, was plenty for two people.

Highly recommended.
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