Sunday, April 10, 2011

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Um, we broke Lent. And let me tell you, it was wonderful!

After an extremely tough week of sleep deprivation and stress (causing said deprivation), we had had enough. On Friday evening, we went to my favorite restaurant, Cafe Chloe, which is a little French bistro downtown with some of the best French fare that I've had in the States.

Break it we did. We started with happy hour special wines and two happy hour appetizer specials: scrumptious carrot and coconut soup, and their amazing macaroni with bleu cheese and pancetta. The plan was to "see where we were" after we had our appetizers, but we both knew what was going to happen. Before we knew it (and no blaming it on the booze), we were ordering steak frites for my husband, and I had the la lapin (rabbit! aigh! I know! Too heartbreaking to ever do again!).


Since the damage was already done, so to speak, we were ordering dessert. Dang it, I had been denied for long enough! We ordered my very favorite bread pudding, the yummy pistachio bread pudding with an espresso caramel sauce, served with homemade vanilla ice cream! I'm a bread pudding lover, and this one is the tops.

I'm really glad that we did this, and we learned a lot (to be written up tomorrow -- stay tuned!), but man, it was really hard, and I'm really glad that it's (kind of) over.
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