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San Diego Top Ten!

I have a confession: I haven’t been to any new places lately. And I feel a little embarrassed that I haven’t given proper recognition to some of the places that I frequently visit. I mean, I should totally give some credit to the places that never let me down! Like Taste of Lebanon, which has some of the best Mediterranean fare in the area, and the consistently amazing breakfast burritos of Konos.

So here is my current list of top ten favorite restaurants in the San Diego area:

1. Café Chloe – Urban French fare. This restaurant is seriously the closest that I’ve come to Paris in the States. Amazing, inventive cuisine, seasonal menu, and exquisite wine and ambiance. Café Chloe is a must for any SD Francophile.

2. Cucina Urbana – One of the best dining experiences that I’ve had in SD. Friendly, enthusiastic staff, menu is small and spot-on, excellent wine selection. Ambiance is casual, yet feels hip and festive.

3. Lotus Thai – I love, love their Tom Kha soup. So rich and subtly spicy! A great little place for flavorful, well-prepared Thai, and their lunch specials are phenomenal!

4. Wine Encounter & Jake’s on 6th – These two Hillcrest wine bars tie for selection, friendly staff, and interesting food options. I love Wine Steals for their incredible tasting specials, but my heart belongs to Wine Encounter and Jake’s. Lovely selections of reds, respectable amount of good whites.

5. Pizza Nova – I know that it’s a local chain, but it’s so successful for good reason. Pizza Nova consistently provides me with awesome pizza, and the house salad is out of this world good in its simplicity of fresh greens, cheese, and candied walnuts.

6. El Zarape – Best casual Mexican in town, hands down. I’ve eaten many burritos, tacos, and enchiladas here, and I’ve never been disappointed. The salsa fresca offered at the “fixins” bar is delicious, and the other salsas are amazing. Low prices and awesome food equals a win!

7. Kensington Grill – Sister restaurant to Cucina Urbana, this restaurant combines the casual and hip ambiance with great takes on classic American fare. Located next to the Ken theater, makes for a great dinner and movie date.

8. Curry House – Another chain, but this one serves curry! I’ve been a huge fan of Japanese curry since my trip to Tokyo in 2009, and Curry House is just where I go to get my fix! Excellent spicy curry, and a very nice way to warm up on a cool day.

9. Landing Grill – Best fish tacos ever! This place might look like a snack bar, but don’t be deceived by the humble appearance. Landing Grill is cooking up the best seafood tacos in town, and their nice service and warm atmosphere make the entire experience blissful.

10. Ba Ren – I love spicy spicy tasty foods, and Ba Ren delivers on both counts. Tucked into a tiny corner in Clairemont, the Szechuan prawns and dry-cooked fish are a spicy delight! Be warned: if you are not a four-alarm spicy person, stick with the non-spicy options (they do have them).

And there you have it folks. Just a little download of what I’m currently craving, eating, and loving. Any places that I should hit up? Some can’t-miss pizza? Another amazing wine bar?

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