Tuesday, April 12, 2011

T-shirt Tuesday!

I'm kind of loving this series, how about you? I do adore all of my awesome t-shirts, and getting the chance to share them makes me happy. It's the little things. :)

Today's t-shirts is from my all-time favorite place from which to purchase t-shirts: Threadless.com. Threadless is an online community that prints user-submitted designs on high-quality shirts. The user submits her design, then the members vote. If there are enough positives, then Threadless prints the shirt on a t-shirt color that they deem "fits" the subject manner. Check out this one!

This shirt is called The Icecreamator. I truly adore the look of the bright rainbows against the stark black, and the crazy ice cream machine! This shirt is no longer available from their site, but they reprint at request! So if you want one, send them a request and they may reprint it!!!
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