Monday, April 25, 2011

Urbn Pizza

So after an afternoon of gorging myself on delicious sample of Hillcrest's finest cuisine, of course I was hungry again a couple of hours later! Exhausted from the heat and all of that tiresome eating, we decided to go out for a simple pizza meal. I'd been hearing about Urbn for months and how great it was, and being on a pizza kick lately, I decided that this was the night.

Based on the praise of my peers, I was expecting Urbn to be pretentious and overpriced. It was just the opposite. Urbn is a perfectly hip place, complete with industrial decor and tattooed servers, but the overall air of the place is very inviting. And those hipster servers that look so intimidating? Extremely friendly and helpful.

The table setting is very casual, with kitchen towels serving as napkins, and drinks served in Mason jars, which seems to be almost ubiquitous glassware among trendy restaurants these days.

After a bit of debate, we decided to go with a basic pepperoni and cheese (I know, boring!) pizza. I was a bit worried that we hadn't ordered enough food, but the small size fed us perfectly! Not a crumb left though! And cheap! We fed ourselves for under $15 with sodas!

And how did it taste? Great! Very thin crust, with just enough crunch, but not cracker-like (I despise cracker crusts!), with a good doughy edge. Fresh, generous cheese, and no skimping on the pepperoni!

I'll definitely be back!

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Anonymous said...

this place SUCKS!! worst pizza i've ever had.

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