Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10 things that I’d miss about San Diego

(if I were to move back to Maryland)

Reading David Lebovitz’s blog, I came across an entry about things that he would miss if he were to leave Paris. Now, I know that San Diego doesn’t really compare, but I thought that I’d compile a list of things that I would miss. Of course, his list considers cultural differences and such, but I just thought it would be a fun thing to list what I would miss.

1. Good, inexpensive wine. Seriously, the state of California is the 4th largest producer of wine in the world, following such giants as Italy, France, and Spain. Wine is plentiful here, and the ability to find good, cheap wine so easily is something that I’d miss.

2. Fresh rosemary. Rosemary is one of the best herbs to use fresh, not dried. It’s completely different when dried – prickly, and pretty dangerous to eat. Rosemary seems to thrive in arid climates, and is available wild, everywhere, in Southern California.

3. Sushi – I have to say, being right on the Pacific Ocean makes for some great sushi. Not Japan-good, but pretty good.

4. Dry heat – So much easier to cope with than humid, sticky heat back East.

5. Good grocery stores – There are so many wonderful grocery stores out here. Big, clean, and containing ingredients that are hard to find in many other cities. Plenty of organic markets and Asian specialty stores, which I adore.

6. Ease of finding my car in a crowded parking lot. Just look past the Porsche, monster trucks, and line of Lexuses, and there’s my humble little Matrix. Easy peasy.

7. Never having to deal with weather. Sure, I miss snow and rain, and the gardens on the East Coast can’t be beat, but it is nice that weather is usually not a factor in planning outings. Halloween in shorts is awesome!

8. Disneyland and the SD Zoo. I know that Disney is corporate evil, but I feel like a kid when I hear that opening park music. And man, I heart that zoo, even though I'm kind of anti-zoo. It confuses me as well.

9. Avocados, citrus fruits, and strawberries – So fresh, and the season is so long out here! Can you believe how much of this list is about food?

10. San Diego ComicCon – Sure, I could still go if I moved away, but I’m not much of one for travel for an event. So it’s sure nice to be able to drive up the street and hit up the best comic convention in the US.

And there you have it folks. Believe me, I could compile a list of things that drive me crazy about SD, but I prefer to focus on positives. I could also compile a list of things that I miss about the East Coast, as well as things that drove me batty there (um…crime, severe weather?). I'm not looking to move back anytime soon, but I do miss the East Coast and my amazing friends.

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