Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Asahi Ramen

As part of my initiative to talk a bit more about places that are my standbys, I decided that I should do a review for a place that I hit up almost every time we travel to LA: Asahi Ramen. Located in Little Osaka, we stumbled across this little ramen shop while in the area to check out Giant Robot. I love ramen, and convinced my husband to try it. The ramen found in this shop is light years from the plastic bricks sold in markets for 10 cents apiece.

The portions here are HUGE! One bowl will easily feed two adults. We usually share the beef curry ramen, because it's so spicy and good. However, the basic shoyu ramen is excellent. The broth is a pleasing mixture of soy sauce and pork broth, just salty enough without being overly so. The noodles are nice and tender, with a nice, slurpy texture that absorbs the flavor of the broth. The complimentary kimchi cucumbers are excellent little snacks while you're waiting on your ramen.

Because it is such a great place and great value, be prepared to wait, as there is often a line of eager customers. Also, they are a cash only establishment, so make sure that you stop by an ATM first. However, less than $10 to feed two people, this place is the best!
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