Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Big Kitchen

The minute that I heard the name, I knew that I had to try this place. I mean, who doesn't want to eat at a restaurant called The Big Kitchen? Located in the South Park area, TBK is a San Diego classic. The key word here is "kitsch," and believe me, there's plenty of kitsch at The Big Kitchen (wocka wocka!).

In all seriousness, the place is truly one of a kind. Mismatched chairs and tables, and two separate dining spaces make for a fun, homey atmosphere where the customers feel welcomed as part of the family. Given the neighborhood of funky, hip stores and restaurants around it, it should come as no surprise that there is a definite urban cool to the quaint decor. 

The menu features plenty of home-cooking favorites, such as omelets, fluffy buttermilk pancakes, and biscuits and gravy. As per usual, we decided to order an omelet platter and a pancake. The omelet was oozing with Monterey Jack cheese, and was served with some of the tastiest home fries that I've had in a long time. The pancake was the size of the dinner plate on which it was served, and was almost an inch thick. So light, yet dense and flavorful! The portions were huge, living up to the name of the place. The menu might not have the most creative breakfast offerings, but they certainly do a good job on the classics. 

My only drawback would be the restrooms. I don't mind that the restroom involves leaving the restaurant and going into a little lean-to building, but the doggie door for the restroom was a bit strange! Not a big deal, but something good to know ahead of time!

All in all, I would recommend this place for a great breakfast. 
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phyllisjanes said...

The Big Kitchen does sound inviting for food enthusiast huh? I'll give it a shot as well. Thanks for sharing.

- kitchens enthusiast

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