Monday, May 2, 2011

Dreams and their hold

Saturday night, I had the most ridiculous, vivid dream that I've had in years. It related to absolutely nothing in my real life, or even the true world, but was almost Le Guin-like in its lucid, other-worldly feel. I love dreams like that.

Writer that I am, I immediately began thinking about how I could write it as a story, or how it would fit into one of my current stories. Except that I can't. So it gets its own story, tentatively titled "The Game," until I figure out a more suitable name for it.

In other news, my sleep schedule is completely off. I stayed up wayyyyy too late on Saturday night to catch a midnight showing of Tron, and then went to brunch on Sunday. As a result, I barely slept last night, feeling like I always had one eye open. Bleaaaaaahhhh....

How was your weekend?
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Catherine said...

My weekend was pretty good. But I had wild dreams on Saturday, too. Don't remember much except it was about vampires. And I'm not even into the Twilight series. lol

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