Thursday, May 5, 2011

Etsy Love

Since I've been too bogged down to write lately, I thought that I'd do a little round up of what I'm currently loving on Etsy!

I love, love this octopus-like bracelet from MarchelloArt.

And this ring from JustRings begs to be on my finger...

I positively heart! this butter basin by Skeletal Dropkick

I think that I'd buy these vintage bird cabs and make some magnets and maybe a couple of pendants from PinkyNoodles. Love the dictionary feel.

Can you tell that I like octopuses (octopi?)? This antique/steampunk necklace by Cosmic Firefly is calling my name.

And finally, these awesome flower magnets and birdy stickers by my girl Katie! Love the pink and the cutie patooty birds!!!

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