Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mariposa Ice Cream Shop

My husband and I went in looking for homemade treats, and found them in spades! I swear, the Normal Heights/Kensington area is becoming a destination of mine for good eats. With Bleu Boheme and Kensington Grill, as well as the amazing Ken Theater and Ould Sod, I feel that neighborhood is quickly becoming another “home” for me. And this weekend, I found another reason to go back, Mariposa Ice Cream!

Situated in a little corner of Adams Avenue, and sharing space with a pizza parlor, it’s easy to miss this little gem. However, don’t let the humble appearance fool you. The inside is cozy and a perfectly quaint ice cream shop. The owners work behind the counter, and can talk at length about their product, in which they obviously take great pride.

After looking at the ice cream selections (there were about 15 available flavors, which is nice for people like me who are overwhelmed by lots of flavors, also ensures that high rotation keeps the ice cream fresh!), we both decided to get the June special, a small sundae. I chose to do a classic vanilla with hot fudge, whipped cream, and nuts, while my husband had the same thing with a toffee crunch ice cream.

I took my first bite – sheer heaven! The ice cream was so light, and the toppings perfectly sweet but not overly so. One of the best vanilla ice creams that I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some pretty amazing vanillas. The hot fudge sauce has to be homemade as well. It was perfect and fresh, with no syrupy aftertaste like so many sauces used on ice cream. The toffee ice cream was wonderful as well, but was not as well-paired for the classic sundae. Probably better as a simple scoop.

I will definitely be back throughout the summer for my ice cream fix. So long waistline!

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