Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr. Sushi

I think that I’ve stated before that I’ve had a difficult time finding sushi since my return from Japan. The tuna in even the cheapest sushi shops there is so delicious and fresh. I’ve never found its equal in the States, and really, I’ve given up trying. Just as I’ll never find many of the dishes I loved in Paris in any American restaurant, I choose to enjoy the foods and restaurants for what they are right here!

In that vein, I was in the mood to try a new sushi spot. I love the rotary sushi at Kabuki, but I wanted to change things up a bit. We were in Pacific Beach, which is pretty crowded with sushi bars, and I’d heard good things about Mr. Sushi. The name did not sound promising, but sometimes the corny names deliver the best food, particularly in beach areas.

We were the only table for lunch that day, but on a late Saturday afternoon, it really isn’t surprising and does not reflect poorly on the restaurant. We ordered our usual spicy tuna roll and California roll with two miso soups, and since it was on special, toro. Our soups and rolls came out quickly, and we dug in.

The California rolls were very fresh, with just enough crunchy cucumber to round out the mushiness of the avocado and crab salad. Quite good and definitely something that I would order again. The spicy tuna roll was a little pricy (around 8 bucks, usually they are 5 or 6), but was very good, with tender chunks of tuna generously mixed with a good heat of spices.

Finally, the big test, the toro! I had never ventured to have toro, which is the delicacy of sushi, the belly of the tuna, until I traveled to Japan in 2009. It’s a very expensive cut, and I never wanted to gamble the 10-15 bucks on something that I may not like. I was perfectly content with my tuna and avocado rolls and miso. However, the toro was so cheap in Japan, that I decided to try it, and I’ve been hooked ever since (and angry that I denied myself this sushi pleasure for so long!).

The toro came as two pieces, as is standard for nigiri orders. We each took a piece. Bliss. So nice and oily-tender, with just a hint of sweetness to the meat. My only criticism to this roll would be the copious amounts of wasabi sandwiched between the fish and rice. However, every piece of sushi is served this way in Japan, so I wasn’t too upset.

Definitely will be returning!

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