Tuesday, June 7, 2011

T-shirt Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Busy, busy week ahead for me! Rehearsals for a play that I'm in (more on that later!), restaurant reviews to write, just trying not to get ahead of myself and overwhelmed. I've a great post on the horizon about getting out there and having fun (spurned on by some reader questions!!!)! Speaking of fun, check out my review of the Coffee Olympics that I attended on Friday!

On to this week's t-shirt! This week's shirt is from, wait for it, Threadless! Seriously, I need some rehab! They usually have such great deals though, I can't stop! This shirt is no longer available on their site, but you can request that it be reprinted if you like it. It is called She Doesn't Even Realize and for some reason is no longer available at all in yellow.

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