Friday, June 17, 2011

Witch Creek Winery

This review veers a bit from my usual reviews, but I thought that I would do a review of a winery, since it is a California-based blog, and wine is such a big part of life here. I’ve had so many amazing wines since I’ve been out here, particularly the California zinfandels, which are big, red, bold, and fruity. That might be the worst description that I’ve ever written for this blog, but I’m really, really bad at describing wines.

When I first heard of Witch Creek Winery, I was determined to try their wines based on one thing: their corporate logo is that of a black cat! And the cat illustrations figure into nearly every bottle of wine sold by WCW (that sounds like a wrestling corporation, no?), which is even better. So even though I figured that the wine would be nothing special based on the awesome logo, I really wanted to try it and find out for myself.

Settled in a shopping center on Julian’s Main Street, the tasting room for Witch Creek is quite cramped, with loads of miscellaneous wine items for sell, most of which is adorned with the symbolic cat. We were given a friendly greeting and set up with two tastings, beginning, as is traditional, with the whites. We took a sip and…were pleasantly surprised. We continued our tasting, moving on to the reds (WCW primarily has reds, like most California wineries). We wound up buying a few bottles, and deemed it a definite return place.

Since then, we’ve made Witch Creek a regular stop when we travel to Julian, and have come to know Tammy and Tina, the wonderful wine captains, as familiar friends. The wine is quite good, and the cute labels make me want to buy every bottle! I like most of the wine that I’ve tasted there, but I have to say that the Dos Amigos, a blend of Grenache and temparillo, is my current favorite. It’s a bit spicy from the termparillo, but the Grenache adds a nice, sweet background. (I told you that I was terrible with wine descriptions!)

Highly recommended!

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