Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cafe Secret

My husband and I were dying, DYING for some Peruvian cuisine. We scanned the local choices (only two that I could find!), and our friend, Anna, suggested that we all meet up at Del Mar for Cafe Secret. Very close to the beach, the atmosphere was very quaint. We arrived for a lunch, which seems to be a very busy time for them on Sundays. Unfortunately, the servers seemed a bit frazzled, and it took a bit for us to get menus.

Their menu hosts a number of casual favorites of Peruvian cuisine: pork and chicken sandwiches, salads, and empanadas. After some deliberation, we ordered the pork sandwich, vegetarian sandwich, and I chose the chicken empanada.

The chicken empanada had a thick, chewy crust, with a nice seasoning to the contents. The empanadas are probably the best thing on the menu. The sandwiches were huge and stacked high, but somewhat lacking in flavor.

Unable to resist a new and different dessert, we ordered each of the alfajores, which is a shortbread cookie with a dolce de leche filling. We ordered one of each: chocolate chip, vanilla, and walnut. They were rich and delicious, but something that I would only want very occasionally due to how rich they tasted. The walnut was my favorite.

Overall, it was a good lunch, but mostly underwhelming.
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