Saturday, July 23, 2011

Charles Koll Jewelers Opening Party!

Guess where I went on Tuesday evening? The opening of the new Charles Koll Jewelers in Fashion Valley! I'm a jewelry aficionado anyway, so you can imagine how excited that I was to check out the new store! Check out some of the amazing (and huge!) pretties that I saw there.

One of the unique things that I noticed about this jeweler was that they not only did their work in house (most high-end jewelers do this), but they have everything in view for the customer to see the process. And look at the library of gemology books on display!

Check out the gorgeous colors!

They also have a special line based on architecture!!! The Chrystler Building:

Based on the Leonard P. Zakim Bridge in Boston:

And my favorites: that huge diamond and these gorgeous blue-stoned beauties.

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