Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Starlite for Dinner

I love their drinks, I love their location, I love their vibe. But would I love their food? I had a gift card for Starlite courtesy of LocalEats (a fantastic gift card service!), so I needed to remedy the situation.

We went for dinner on a Tuesday evening, and as expected, the restaurant wasn't packed, but was respectably busy for an early weeknight. The decor inside is lovely, with low lights and a quiet atmosphere, it's reminiscent of a club that would belong on the holodeck of the Enterprise. And yes, that's a strong compliment.
We were seated immediately and ordered one of their amazing mules. When you go to Starlite, you just have to order the mule (well, unless you don't drink alcohol, then enjoy your club soda, Mr. Temperance). After some perusing of the menu, we decided to go with the flat iron steak with vegetables, and the special creamy risotto.

The steak was well-prepared and tender, but the flavor was what I would describe as "meh." The side serving of vegetables were good, but ultimately, forgettable.

The risotto was swimming in a creamy sauce with little flavor, and sprinkled a bit too generously with chives and onions. The result was an odd, almost metallic flavor. I gave up halfway through deeming it not worth the calories.

Our plan was to get dessert, but with the food being so lackluster, we decided to skip it.
The service was great, as always, very friendly and prompt, without being overly involved. The food at Starlite, while passable, was nothing special, particularly considering how well-executed their drinks are. It seems that it might be a better plan to get drinks at Starlite and head over to one of the Little Italy establishments or El Indio for dinner.
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