Friday, September 16, 2011

Cupcakes Squared

Cupcakes Squared is located in pretty out-of-the-way place, but when someone told me that I should check out their yummy cupcakes, I had to make the trek! 

Actually, the location isn't that out of the way, I'm just whining. Located in the Ocean Beach/Loma Portal area, the little shop makes a variety of flavors, but also honors the classics. And they're square! I love the little papers that they wrap the cupcakes in -- very easy to pull down the sides and enjoy the cake.

On my solo visit, I tried the Vanilla Squared (my all-time favorite cupcake is vanilla with vanilla frosting -- I know, I'm boring) and the Lilikoi, which is vanilla cake with passionfruit frosting. The frosting was quite good. French meringue buttercream, with a touch of tangy sweetness in both the passionfruit and vanilla. The cake, however, was extraordinary. So sweet and soft! 

I've not tried their red velvet or chocolate flavors, but I will definitely be back to check them out!
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