Friday, September 2, 2011

San Diego Contemporary Art Fair

Art San Diego is going on this weekend! I had the immense good fortune to attend the opening night on Thursday evening, and what an event it was! Loads of incredible art, yummy snacks, and wine tastings! You can check out for full details.

The Bayfront Hilton was simply bursting with amazing artwork. There was a main gallery showcasing works from galleries around the world, as well as the main lobby/meeting area with a sculpture garden. Check out this amazing piece by a local San Diego artist:

It was a walk-through installation with audio of interviews with some of the people pictured. Very powerful, and uncomfortable in places. However, I truly enjoy art that sometimes makes us uncomfortable. Movement is not always happy or sad...sometimes it is uncomfortable and frightening.

The main gallery featured art from all over, but there was a large concentration of art from Mexico City. Seeing all of the incredible works makes me want to visit this city. Such creative and intriguing work! Check out this gorgeous, thought-provoking "notebook art" by Hugo Lugo.

I absolutely adored all of this Japanese art from Osaka:

And the centerpiece sculpture in the main gallery:

Made from cardboard and paint! Unbelievable!

Oh! And this amazing Thai statue.

And don't forget the yummy food and wine! I adored the gourmet snacks provided by Vela, and the wine tastings from over 30 wineries presented by THE VAULT.

Spoon of Thai chicken curry, proscuitto and melon, eggplant caponata, and goat cheese bruschetta!

Wine stations were strategically placed throughout the gallery. Sooo many tasty options!

Tickets are sold out for every night, but definitely a must-see! I loved it! I'll leave you with a few more pictures!

Argentinian pretty

More amazing Japanese art!

I think that I want to marry this artist.

Pal Karen and me
For full picture coverage, click here.
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