Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back in St. Olaf...

I’m long overdue for a book review, and I’ve a very good one for this entry. During my plane trip for a Thanksgiving with my family back East, I read Betty White’s If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t). It’s an anecdotal presentation of her life and career, told in little vignettes of experiences in Hollywood and life. She speaks a great deal about her experiences getting older, with the famous quote “Growing old isn’t for sissies.”

The book is an easy read, delightful, and pretty thought-provoking. I’m convinced that Betty White really is as nice as she seems in most of her TV spots. She always reminds me of my grandma, and I hope that I am half as good and sweet as she always was. Ms. White always seemed very content with her life, and even in her younger days, wasn’t a complainer. Although one could argue that she had very little to complain about, I think that even the most blessed among us often have these “if only” whines, and I think that one of her best qualities is her classy demeanor.

She also explains her long-term career: she said that she’ll never stop working, only cut back. I completely agree with that. We need responsibilities, and we need something to live for. She talks about people that wait to live, that “as soon as” mentality. The problem is, “as soon as” never seems to come for many people.

Her humor is very evident: very self-deprecating, and she speaks about her appearance on SNL. She was asked to do the show a few times before, but turned it down because she worried about the pressure of producing a live show in such a short time. This generation convinced her: Facebook has spoken! Betty did the show.

Definitely a recommended read.
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