Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brazen BBQ

I’m going to open this review and state that I’m a little biased – I’m not really a fan of barbeque. However, since my husband is, we decided to try out a new barbeque place in our neighborhood, Brazen BBQ.

I knew what I was ordering before I walked in the door – a salad, which is what I always order, with a couple of stolen bites from my husband’s dish of choice (BBQ places tend to have HUGE portions). Usually, he is partial to the pork ribs, but this time, he decided to get the Combo platter, which included a choice of two meats and sides. He chose the beef brisket and pork spare ribs, along with mac & cheese and sweet potato fries as sides.

The plate was HUGE! Definitely enough for two people. The spare ribs were actually quite good, with a nice, tangy sauce. I’m not much of a rib person (I find them to be too tough, usually), but these were nicely baked and tender. The brisket was the real show stopper. Hardy and flavorful, the meat was a perfect soft texture, and there was plenty, with very little fat (some is necessary to get a tender brisket). The sides rocked. Creamy and pungent homemade mac & cheese, and the sweet potato fries were crispy and delicious.

My salad was sort of meh. Just a standard Caesar, with uninspired dressing with croutons from a box. However, it was huge as well. I found myself eating more of my husband’s meal than normal.

I think that Phil’s has some competition.

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