Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Fishery

When you have guests in from the East Coast, where is the best place to take them in San Diego? Why for fish tacos, of course! But we wanted to take our family somewhere a little fancy, while not losing the essence of a fish taco in all of its fried goodness.

After some careful thought, we chose The Fishery for several reasons: 1) seafood is the primary offering, and when people visit San Diego, they tend to want seafood; 2) the location – seriously, people who do not live at the beach are totally into getting as much beach time as possible; and 3) we knew that the fish tacos were great!

With no reservation on a Friday night, we were seated in 20 minutes, despite the busyness of the restaurant. Rock stars for excellent service! The atmosphere of the restaurant is perfectly elegant, yet casual enough to bring kids and not feel out of place.

So that we could share, we all ordered something different: fish and chips, fish tacos, fig and butternut squash salad, and seafood linguine.

The fish tacos were, as we suspected, excellent! Very flavorful, and while fried, not greasy. They came with delicious beans and rice, and the price was embarrassingly low. The fish and chips were the same story: lightly fried, not at all greasy, allowing the flavor of the fish to shine through.

The salad was delicious and full of plump figs, but the squash was raw (not appetizing at all), and the portion was quite small. I was left wishing that I had ordered more food. The linguine was doused with a heavy, creamy sauce, which had virtually no flavor. It wasn’t terrible, but not something that I would order again.

I will go back, but stick with the more standard offerings on the menu!
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