Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kous Kous

Hillcrest has a lot of great places to eat, and another great place seems to open almost every week. Located in a basement on 4th avenue, I barely noticed that Kous Kous existed until my friend, Anna, bestowed us with a gift card. Not certain whether it would be just another place with Mediterranean fare (think kabobs, gyros, falafel), we decided to check it out.

Lo and behold, that basement was exquisite! Very beautifully decorated, stepping into Kous Kous was like taking a mini-trip to Morocco. The music, décor, and general atmosphere was very cozy and opulent, with couches, cushions, and gorgeous lamps.

We were greeted immediately, and since it was happy hour, we ordered two of their signature cocktails: the Moroccan kiss (a very sweet champagne and pomegranate concoction) and the Casablanca (a twist on the popular Cosmopolitan – yes, my husband likes girly drinks). The drinks were tasty, although I found the Kiss a bit too sweet for my tastes. I enjoyed the rosewater flavor of the Casablancas.

We ordered one of the Moroccan feasts, which includes Moroccan carrots, a cucumber, tomato, and feta salad served with fresh pita, beef tagine, chicken skewers, couscous, saffron rice, and strawberries with orange blossom water for dessert.

Oh my! Everything was delicious, and so much food that we were begging for mercy. For $20 a person, the feast is quite a deal, and provides a wonderful sampling of most of the items that the place offers.

The carrots were surprisingly good. Steamed to softness, they were coated with spices and served with homemade hot sauce for dipping. Delicious! The salad was the perfect second course: fresh, and bursting with flavor, complimented perfectly with warm pita. Our main courses were the beef tagine and chicken skewers. The skewers were just typical fare, but the beef tagine was amazing! So flavorful and rich. The couscous was a bit sweet for my taste, but the saffron rice was wonderful.

We were stuffed at this point, but a few bites of strawberries covered in orange blossom syrup were a perfect refreshing end to the meal. We couldn’t resist getting the Moroccan mint tea! So sweet and a wonderful end to a wonderful meal.

Highly recommended.
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