Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Winter Menu at El Dorado!

My favorite place to get a cocktail in San Diego has just released their new Winter Menu, and of course, I was there to taste test all of the new concoctions! I've raved about their delicious drinks before, and the new menu did not disappoint.

It was a bit busy with everyone arriving to try out the new menu, but the bartenders were attentive, and the drinks were quickly poured. I started with the Cyarlie Brown, a rye whiskey concoction with sweet vermouth and orange bitters. Sort of like a Manhattan straight-up, this was a "grown-up" drink. Seriously a sipper, but delicious and warming. The perfect winter cocktail.

My husband decided to go with the Charo, which was a twist on a classic marguarita, with tequila and lime, with a sprinkle of nutmeg. A nice, refreshing drink, and who doesn't drink marguaritas on Christmas, eh?

Of course we had to get a second round! This time, I chose to try the Traditional Army and Navy. I've never had egg whites in a cocktail, but I know that it's a classic method for sours, and the combination of lime, gin and the frothy egg whites was quite tasty, if a bit heavy. This drink was amazing, but I don't think that I could drink it all night.

My husband chose the Ugly Sweater, which is awesome for the name alone. With the name, I was thinking that it would be something rich and homey, but instead was treated to a blast of summer. Cucumber and mint was fresh and created the basic flavors, while the drink itself was light and mildly sweet. The perfect memory of summer on a cold winter's night.

I'll certainly be back, the new menu is quite solid!!!

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