Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year-End Summary and Goals

With the year winding down, I wanted to wrap it up with a post of triumphs, missteps, and goals for the upcoming year. It just helps me get into a headspace of a new beginning, and look to the future in a positive light.

First off, what happened this year? Well, this year pretty much rocked. It started off pretty rocky, with lots of stupid drama and hurt feelings, but was overall a much more positive year than 2010. I finally got into a groove with my new location where I love it. I’ve made some new friends, and it feels great to be busy and productive.

What I did that was awesome:

1. Took a trip to Paso Robles for wine tasting
2. Did lots of blog stuff – lots of reviews, dinners attended, events. I even got a sponsorship!
3. Took care of personal depression stuff – believe me, this was instrumental in the success of everything else.
4. Started a novel about which I’m really excited.
5. Produced, wrote, and acted in the 24 Experiment.
6. Acted in three other plays, one of which was a musical.
7. Traveled to Italy!
8. Went to Comic Con for two days and had a great time with cool costumes.
9. Discovered many new, great places to eat and drink.
10. Visited my sister and her family for Thanksgiving.
11. Took in the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA.
12. Saw Pomplamoose in LA!
13. Lived my childhood dream of seeing the Bangles live.
14. Went to Disneyland and Universal Studios

I could write out a list of things that happened this year that weren’t so awesome, but I choose to focus on what was positive about the year, and that I’m grateful for this life.

My goals for the coming year:

1. Write and produce a stage play. Possibly musical, although I’d need help with that, as I stink at writing music.
2. Cook more. I kind of slumped a bit on this one, particularly during the latter part of the year when I was so busy.
3. Finish the novel!
4. Continue to take care of myself mentally and physically.
5. Travel to Peru.
6. Make more friends.

And that’s it, for now. I’m trying to keep my goals short and focused, so that I don’t forget them. Here’s to the Year of the Dragon!
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Full Passport said...

I think you are the only person I know who has given 2011 a 'thumbs-up.' I'm really jealous of the opportunities you had this year; I miss doing the 24 Experiment and 48 Film Project and all that kind of fun stuff you can do in the U.S. Hope your 2012 is even better!

Gwen said...

You too! Steve and I were talking about Baltimore, and your name came up and we said how much we miss our Heatherjean! Hope that you are doing well! :)

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