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My visit to WhisknLadle can be blamed entirely on the San Diego food blogging community.  Last fall, when I had the pleasure of going to Terra with some fellow food bloggers, the conversation turned to our favorite burgers in town. I vowed that I would try all of their suggestions, and the first one that I report on was the suggestion of Brooke, who stated that she loved the burgers at WhisknLadle.

Holy cow (hardy har) this burger was good! But let me back up to the set up. We decided to go there for their Sunday brunch, since we were in La Jolla for...I forget the reason. The brunch at WhisknLadle is nice, yet very laid back. Customers are invited to enjoy complimentary coffee, and help themselves to various pastries (not free). I personally love this set up. Why worry with having to flag down a server to refill the cup, and if it's complimentary, bonus!!

We knew what we were getting -- the burger, with classic toppings. Customers can also get the WhisknLadle special, which comes with an egg and bacon on top, but we prefer the standard tomato and lettuce. Yep, we're boring! I also chose to try some of their special soup that day -- Moroccan lamb stew. I've been very into Moroccan food ever since my visit to Kous Kous. 

The burger was, as Brooke said, amazing. Fresh beef (and I mean fresh!) cooked to perfection, with a homemade roll. Simply delicious. I can easily say this was one of the best burgers of my life.

The stew was good, but not up to par with the burger. WhisknLadle is not a Moroccan specialty restaurant, so the flavor wasn't as good as it would have been at a Moroccan restaurant, but I enjoyed the stew immensely.

Thanks for the recommendation, Brooke!

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