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Enough with the burgers already! I swear, this one will be the last for quite awhile. However, I just had to write up this review, even though most of you reading have probably had Smashburger already. I’ve lived in CA for over 2 years, and had yet to sample them until they opened one just down the street from my house (RIP, Banana Leaf) on 5th Avenue!

I’m not big on chain burger franchises (although I have to give love to 5 Guys – I’m from the East Coast!); they make me think too much of McDonald’s crappy offerings. That’s not to say that I’m unwilling to try a chain. After hearing Darlene’s assessment as being one of her favorites, I was eager to try Smashburger. Go ahead, twist my arm to eat a burger. Come on.

The restaurant, like many chains, is opulently clean. With a bit of 50s throwback in the décor, Smashburger is definitely trying for the same experience as In n’ Out, with a little more tasty food (I like In n’ Out, calm down West Coasters).

I was pleasantly surprised. Nice, thick burger patty on a fresh bun. The meat was nicely seasoned, heavily redolent of powdered mustard. However, it wasn’t overpowering, and the seasoned meat was a nice change from the usual. The sweet potato fries were also a nice surprise departure from the usual chain offering of plain potato fries. Crispy!

Now the thing that makes Smashburger stand out as a chain is their offering of alcohol. My husband has often expressed his love of beer and burgers together, and Smashburger is the only burger chain that I know of offering beer by the pitcher to go with your burger, so plus 1 for them. Also offered are salads and chicken, a nice alternative for those not in the mood for burgers (however, if I’m going to an establishment named for burgers, I’m getting the burger!).

Thumbs up!
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