Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2Good2B Bakery

For the past couple of years, I have noticed more and more "gluten-free" items on store shelves, and a couple of years ago, I tried my hand at making some gluten-free treats. One of my best friends is highly gluten intolerant, and she is always looking for recipes and places to eat gluten-free. I understand. Giving up cupcakes, bread, pasta, heck, a lot of delicious things contain gluten!

You can imagine how delighted that I was when I was invited to try out 2Good2B Gluten-Free Bakery! The mission of this bakery is to create delicious gluten-free comfort foods. After trying some of their offerings, I have to say, I didn't miss the gluten at all!
We started off with some gourmet drinks -- a caffe mocha and iced passion fruit tea. Both were enormous, and quite good. Despite eyeing the sweets in the bakery case, we tried some macaroni and cheese, a classic comfort food. 

The verdict? Yums! Creamy, pungent, and a bit crunchy from a sprinkle of bread crumbs. This mac and cheese did not taste like something from a bakery/cafe, it tasted like something very gourmet!

Next up was the meatball sub, which I didn't photograph (oops!). I've never had a meatball sub before, but I have to say, this one was very tasty and super filling. Served on the amazing gluten-free French bread, this sandwich gets a gold sticker for heartiest sandwich ever!

Stuffed, but in it for the long haul, we next tried the pizza. Now, pizza crust is based on a theory, in my opinion, and the theory can be one of a few choices: thin, crispy crust; thick and hearty; medium with a little chew, crispy outside. This pizza crust went with choice number one, thin and crispy, which worked well with the light tomato and basil toppings. Again, a great pizza, and gluten-free!

Because the biggest challenge for gluten-free items is baked goods, we just had to try the bread. Gluten-free bread often leaves quite a bit to be desired -- too chewy, too crumbly, tasteless. This bread was very tasty all on its own. Of course, it's a gourmet bread, which always tastes excellent by itself, but the texture was incredibly light -- almost like a pound cake. I'd love to try a florentine sandwich on this bread.

Of course we had dessert! I've never had a gluten-free cupcake, so I was anxious to try these. To be honest, there was no difference, except that these were exceptionally good cupcakes. I loved, loved, the Boston Cream Pie cupcake. It was even filled with cream!

I really wish that I lived closer to 2Good2B -- I'd buy some of their bread. The food is great, and the prices extremely reasonable (comparable to a Panera Breads). Their plans are to franchise, and I truly hope that they do. I know so many people who would appreciate their delicious food that is gluten-free!!!

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