Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ave 5

Each time I go out in my neighborhood, I remind myself how lucky that I am to live in an area so rife with great possibilities for dining. I haven't been to Ave 5 for awhile, so it was time for a return! I loved it the last time that I was there, so I was happy to return! The restaurant has had a few changes -- their menu is a bit different, focusing even more heavily on a seasonal menu, and the food is more inventive than ever!

Upon entering, we noted that the decor is a bit more contemporary and hip, with modern art on the walls and low lighting. It really sets the mood for a lush, sophisticated evening. 

The first thing that we ordered were some of their luscious drinks from their new menu, a cranberry mojito and whiskey with rose syrup and blackberry. Yum! Both drinks were quite delicious and satisfying.

We ordered one of the cheese plates as an appetizer, choosing to keep things simple with a brie. The cheese was very subtle -- not a huge, salty burst, but a more mellow tang. Served with an apricot relish and soda bread, the plate might have been better with a basic baguette, as the soda bread was very sweet and covered some of the cheese taste. We thoroughly enjoyed the cheese with some of the plain baguette. 
We also tried one of the yummy risottos. This night, the risotto was a barley with tomatoes, asparagus, and cheese. Could it have been more amazing? Such simple ingredients, but this dish was absolute perfection.
For our main courses, we ordered two very hearty meals: salmon with quinoa for her, new york strip with colcannon croquettes and asparagus for him. The salmon was very well seasoned -- a subtly spicy rub on the fish, then served with a tangy sauce. The quinoa was quite good and filling! I was stuffed after a few bites (but of course I was saving for dessert!

The steak was pure heaven. Served with a bearnaise sauce, the steak was incredibly rich, flavorful, and quite tender! The vegetables served as a wonderful compliment.
Next up was dessert, and I'm a bit embarrassed to say that we did a bit of double dipping, trying 4 different dishes! (Of course, two were just tastes). The first up were drink inspired -- molecular infusions of a lemon drop with blueberry, then a chocolate and peanut butter gelatin. Amazing.  

Then desserts # 3 and 4! The first one was a banana panne cotta with homemade chocolate truffles. I'm a huge fan of the banana and chocolate combo, and this dessert was divine. Very nice presentation as well.

However, the real show stopper was the deconstructed s'more, with a flambed marshmallow, chocolate ice cream with a crunchy crust, and graham cracker cake. I've been seeing versions of this dessert in various places, and I have to say, this one was the best that I've tried. The ice cream was creamy and homemade, the marshmallow nice and sweet without being cloying, and the cake a perfect texture and sweetness. So good.
I will certainly be back! Everything was incredible! 
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