Monday, June 18, 2012

Jimmy's Famous American Tavern

Sometimes, I just need a beer and a burger. 

Now, San Diego has plenty of great burger joints in San Diego, but I was on a mission for something different, something a bit less guilt-inducing: the turkey burger.

Yes, that most elusive of bar treats: the turkey burger. Sure, plenty of places serve a turkey burger, but how many serve a great turkey burger? I've found a great one at Jimmy's Famous American Tavern in Point Loma. 

Set against the tides of Point Loma, JFAT offers a great view. And a fire pit! This would be a great spot to get a drink and chat by the fire. Their food is American classics, such as burgers, steaks, salads, and pastas. 

When we arrived, we decided to order a beer from their extensive list.  They have a great selection of draft, bottles, and cans!!!

And they have homemade potato chips, with homemade bleu cheese dressing! I wasn't sure what to expect with the chips. I've gotten them at festivals from food trucks, and they've been greasy and disappointing every time. These were perfect, however. They were light and crisp, with the perfect amount of salt and pepper. I'm not a huge fan of bleu cheese, but the dip was fantastic! Before I knew it, they were gone (and the serving was huge!). The chips were even better dipped into their fantastic homemade chipotle ketchup! I wanted to slather it on everything (and I'm not a huge ketchup fan!).

Then it was time for the main event: the burgers! My husband wanted to try their classic burger, but I was there for the turkey. And of course, he got the fries, I went a little more healthy and got the side salad.  

The turkey burger was so fresh! Tender and freshly ground and cooked, it had wonderful texture and was quite juicy. The flavor was incredible, with lots of fresh herbs to give it a wonderful taste. And it was huge! I could barely get through half! 

The beef burger was amazing as well. So juicy and tasty, made with high quality ingredients. And the fries were wonderful! Perfect and golden, fresh from the fryer. I love, love the ketchup!!!

Even though we didn't finish our dinners, we still got dessert! A mountain of a sundae, this frozen treat featured hot fudge, honey-roasted peanuts, and homemade chocolate chip cookies! The ice cream was very rich and redolent of vanilla, and the combination of cookies and ice cream is just classic! However, this dessert was definitely for sharing. It's huge! 
I loved the food! And what a great place to relax after work! It was also very family friendly, which was a nice change from some of the 'grown-up' places in the area. I'll definitely be back!

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