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HISTORY Channel Cross-Country Cookout!

So yeah, I went to Comic-Con.  It was pretty fun, very crowded, and mostly great! Along with all of the great events and panels taking place at Comic-Con proper, there are lots of fun things to do for free! One of the most delightful events that I found was the huge rig parked at the corner of Island and 2nd Avenue for the History Channel's Cross-Country Cookout!

The 80-foot long Ultimate Smoker and Grill, designed and operated by grill-master Trace “The Rib Whisperer” Arnold, is the size of a tanker and is hauled by a semi. 
In the unique smoker chamber, the tanker-sized grill can slow smoke more than 2,000 pounds of meat. Hidden beneath the 20-foot hydraulic lid is a wood-fired 48″ x 120″ grill with the capacity to cook 1,000 hotdogs, 500 hamburgers, or 200 16 oz. steaks at one time.

Lucky stinker that I am, I had the good fortune to get an interview and a tour of this awesome truck!!!

Hundreds and hundreds of carefully blended fresh jalapeno cheddar and hickory roast sausages were roasted to perfection and given away to the public that day. 

Trace is incredibly passionate about his cooking, insisting on each item being fresh and homemade. The meat is top shelf, and the sausage contained no fillers or artificial ingredients.  

Check out the rotisserie!

Each day starts with making healthy breakfast burritos for the crew, then the prep begins for the rib feast! Trace uses his own special rub for the ribs and brisket, then slow roasts them. Sounds like a lot? It is, but this man has been making BBQ since he was 10 years old, and routinely served 10,000 people back in Texas.

The History channel wanted to do a promotional tour, and it was Trace's idea to add in the cooking element. Good call! Who doesn't love awesome food and games?

Iced Tea for the Crew

The rib flavor, he said, was from the special blend of the rub, as well as the top shelf rib meat. Everything is all-natural. 

A refrigerated truck follows the rig to supply the groceries. 

After all of this rib talk, Trace treated us to his specialty! 

The verdict? Delicious! The ribs were sooo tender, and the sauce was perfect! Sweet on the front, with a spicy finish! These were, without a doubt, the best ribs that I've ever eaten. 

More yumminess: yellow roasted pepper stuffed with beef brisket and topped with bacon. Oh lordy. Besides the awesome free sausages, there were plenty of games to play, and a free comic book from History channel series Mankind

Plenty of games and entertainment, as well as shaded tables!

The truck will roll into Las Vegas this weekend (July 21) at the famous location of the popular show, Pawn Stars. I'm actually tempted to drive out there for more of those awesome ribs! If you live nearby, or are in the area, definitely check them out!!!

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